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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Image by Rebecca Schönbrodt-Rühl from Pixabay 

at the beginning of the 20th century a horse in Germany ruins to fame as he knew how to count and multiply and divide this created a stir throughout Europe and people could not believe how impressive it was at this article we show you the secret of clever hands the mathematical force.

1.Kleber hands and his owner Wilhelm von Osten were dedicated to giving shows so that everyone could see with their own eyes that this horse had exceptional quality von Osten would propose an arithmetic question such as what is 7 times 2 to the amazement of the public hands would kick his hoof 14 times to ensure they weren't cheating members of the public would ask mathematical questions and the horse could answer those two 

2.clever hands became very famous so much so that he was featured on the cover of magazines and newspapers he became famous outside his native Germany here at Europe it was at this time the German government became involved when they appointed a commission to verify the horses ability the Commission's group numbered 13 people including a circus manager a zoo director a veterinarian a cavalry officer and a psychologist the latter named Carl Stumpf he assumed directorship of the group the report developed by the hands Commission concluded but the shows were real and there is no deception of any kind

3.however a stump aide another psychologist known as funks realized that clever hands was only correcting the answers that his owner also knew after numerous experiments he find the horse only responded correctly 90% of the time and only when the owner knew the answers when von Osten did not know the answer the horse was only correct 6 percent of the time upon discovering this they decided to remove the odor from the experiment and achieved the same result when the questioner knew the answer the course knew it also when he didn't neither did hands.

 4.the reality is that clever hands did not know how to count but was an expert at reading the body language of others this was both surprising and proved his intelligence even if it didn't include arithmetic as long as the audience the questioner or whoever was present didn't react hands would keep kicking the grind however when the correct number approached the audience's excitement increased and hands would stop from the tension reached fever pitch in Experimental Psychology this is known as the Pygmalion effect also as the clever Hans effect named after this clever horse.

the clever Hans effect refers to the influence that our researches expectations will have on the result of their experiments this is because subjects often respond in the direction expectable allo it turned out that clever hands did not know how to solve mathematical equations he was an incredibly intelligent force hi incredible does he seem to you.

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