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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How Long Do HAMSTERS LIVE? Average Hamster Life Expectancy

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

 the hamster is often thought of as a starter pen for children since they are very sweet but require relatively low maintenance however this doesn't mean they don't need the best care we can provide even with the best care they will only live for so long something which is best to prepare for with young kids at this article we share the average life expectancy of both wild and capsule hamsters

1.the hamster life cycle:

 a hamster's life expectancy can vary depending on their habitat the level of care they receive and even their species these small animals belong to a sub-family of rodents called cressetin domestic hamsters which live as companion animals typically live between one and a half and three years even so some individual specimens have been known to live up to seven years generally the smaller the species the shorter their longevity however there are always exceptions it's also important to remember that good diet and general care are important factors in their health and well-being knowing the most common diseases of hamsters will also help us to detect an early problem for this reason determining how long a hamster lives is not exact discover how to properly care for a hamster in the artcile that we share here

2.how long do wild hamsters live:

 curiously hamsters in the wild generally live longer than captive hamsters this obviously doesn't include those which are killed by predators such as oils and foxes a good example is the european wild hamster which can live up to eight years of age they are a large hamster which measures about 14 inches more than twice the size of the golden hamster the latter is the largest domestic species but does not often exceed seven inches in length now we can take a look at the life expectancies of individual hamster species so you can know how long your pet might live

3.golden or syrian hamster:

 this is the most popular hamster species in the world they measure between five and seven inches they usually live between two and three years but are unfortunately seriously threatened in the wild. 

4.russian hamster:

this hamster has a life expectancy of about two years they are usually gray or brown in color although they can totally change their coat to white if they hibernate during cold months.

5.chinese hamster :

along with the syrian hamster they are one of the most popular in homes around the world they usually live for two to three years they are very small but stand out for being very affectionate with their family

6.roborowski's hamster:

 at just two inches in length this is one of the smallest hamsters in the world they can reach three years of life and sometimes even more on the other hand they are not as sociable as other hamsters and can bite.

7.campbell's dwarf hamster:

 this species lives between a year and a half and three years and is often easily confused with the russian hamster in terms of personality they're usually somewhat shy and reserved their fur can be very varied in color. 

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