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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Image by PicsbyFran from Pixabay 

 in this article we're going to review the most anxious dogs based on general characteristics of their breed it's very important to know that each dog is an individual and their education and experience are more important than breed alone these are the dog breeds with the greatest natural predisposition toward anxiety

1. medicationizer:

 while many schnauzers will display a very calm character the popularity has led to indiscriminate breeding which has resulted in new lines with a more nervous temperament and greater propensity towards health problems german shepherds

2.german shepherds:

 have a very high energy level they must be able to exercise efficiently mental stimulation is also essential they're excellent students who both need and want to be trained as with schnauzers indiscriminate breeding has taken its toll leading to behavioral and health problems anxiety fear and even aggression can appear.

3.sloogie or arabian greyhound:

 a very active breed the slugi cannot usually be kept in apartments they are characterized by an anxious disposition although a cam environment the appropriate education much affection and providing all their basic needs can help minimize this tendency. 

4.terrier dog breeds:

 there are different breeds of terriers that can be included many of them among the most nervous dogs in general they are tenacious and vociferous hunting dogs which have a lot of energy and can be somewhat portals.


 dogs of this breed can be very nervous although there will be great difference between individual dogs some pugs can become very lively and stubborn the added problem is that the brachycephaly makes it difficult to breathe when agitated.

6.border collies:

 dogs of this breed are very intelligent so they have a great facility for learning but they are also very active dogs without the necessary physical and mental stimuli they will accumulate energy that will lead to nervousness and even destructiveness.

7.spaniel dog breeds:

 in particular the cocker and springer spaniels the cocker spaniel originates as a hunting and retrieving dog although it is known was common as a companion animal some keepers pray them for their aesthetics but neglected their demeanor which led to many behavioral problems furthermore indiscriminate breeding contributed to such behavioral issues providing anxious and even aggressive specimens similarly springer spaniels due to high level of stimulation both physically and mentally without it anxiety and fear will appear


 poodles are also included as potentially anxious dogs again due to problems derived from indiscriminate breeding their popularity has led to crossings that have resulted in behavioral disturbances and physical problems in general with professional responsible breeding they're very good companion dogs intelligent and suitable for family life. 

9.irish setter and irish red and white setter:

 they are usually friendly with other dogs with who they like to play and run as well as with children they are however very active and they take time to mature this plus their enthusiasm makes them easily excitable and potentially anxious

10.american eskimo dog:

 in their case nervousness stems from the great energy they put into whatever action in which they participate this includes eating working or fighting they are working dogs in charge with pulling sleds or participating in races for this reason they are not best suited for keeping in the house remember that it is possible to find camera examples of these breeds since each dog has their own personality however our influence is just as important the education and stimulation we provide our dog is a very important factor in determining their feelings of anxiety.

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