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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Only WHITE GORILLA in the World (Snowflake)

Image by skylarvision from Pixabay 

do you know the story of the only known albino gorilla in the world his name was snowflake and he lived in the barcelona zoo in this article we explain everything about his fascinating story

1.the discovery of snowflake:

 this curious white gorilla was found in what is now equatorial guinea in 1966 a group of farmers went in search of a troop of gorillas that had been eating their coffee and banana crops in the rio mooney jungle they intended to kill them to prevent further crop destruction thinking they had killed the whole group in the arms of a dead adult they found a baby gorilla white in colour benito magnet one of the farmers decided to take the infant home he later offered it to jordy sabater p a well-known professor of athology and psychobiologist who was also a curator at the akundi center.

2.his life as a global phenomenon:

 after spending a month in a kunday jordy saboter p took snowflake to the city of barcelona during his first 11 months he lived in the home of the barcelona zoo veterinarian and his wife later he was transferred to the barcelona zoo proper where he began his time as a global phenomenon since an article was published about him the national geographic snowflake became world famous this adorable gorilla became the symbol of barcelona and thousands of people traveled to the city to meet him

3.why was he white:

 snowflake was white because he was an albino albinism is caused by a lack of melanin in the cells the substance that gives pigmentation to the eyes and skin the cause of his albinism was due to inbreeding meaning snowflake was born by two members of the same family meeting during his almost 40 years of life he had 22 children but none were albino as his mates were not albino the probability of having albino children was very low. 

4.his final years:

snowflake's health began to deteriorate in 1996 when he was diagnosed with melanoma thanks to the efforts of the veterinary staff and their caretakers snowflake lived a few more years finally on november 24 2003 the most beloved gorilla on the planet passed away due to advanced skin cancer.

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