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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Why Does My CAT HATE WATER? (5 Reasons)

Image par rihaij de Pixabay 

many people wonder why most cats hate water especially when struggling to bathe them in this article we explain the possible reasons why cats hit water and what you can do to help them become accustomed to bathing.

1.the cat's origins:

the main theory of why cats are believed to hit water is to do more with their origin most cats come from desert regions in the middle east where water is often scarce after the passing of time cats evolved and migrated discovering other areas where water was more abundant this is why some breeds of cat tend to stay away from water while others are more used to it.

2.feeling of being trapped:

although domesticated cats are still wild animals at their core they do not like to feel trapped and enjoy having some independence in this way when a cat is soaked in water their fur weighs much more and they feel trapped due to a lack of mobility.

3.lack of well-being and calm:

most cats learn to love water and are naturally good swimmers however being immersed in them unexpectedly is not something they will enjoy cats like to take it easy and pace themselves it's very important to get them used to the bathroom from the time they are kittens in this way they can associate water with something positive rather than unpleasant experiences discover how to be the puppy in the article that we share here.


cats have a highly developed sense of smell and can differentiate between water that comes from natural sources and water that is processed with chemicals therefore it's not uncommon to see them enjoying themselves in a natural pool and desperately fleeing the bathtub the best thing you can do is let them experience water in their own way be patient and never force it.

5.what if i want to bathe my cat:

you can clean a cat without bathing them although in cases of extreme dirt that won't be possible if you want to clean without water you can use products such as dry shampoo for cats remember if a cat does not want to bathe we shouldn't force them it's essential we try to make the animal relate positively to this moment with positive stimuli forcing them to do something they don't want will only make the situation worse small cats which have gone through a similar socialization process with water are more tolerant of bathing.

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