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Sunday, October 4, 2020



Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay 

did you know that there is a train station in japan where a feline took par a station master in this article we explain the intriguing tale of tama the train master cat.

1.the story of kishi station:

the japanese railway company wakayama electric railway wanted to close the kishi station as it was on a little travelled line and was not profitable to maintain however locals at the time did their best to prevent this happening the result was that the stop at kishi became an automatic station as it would reduce costs but the citizens could still use the line to travel other stations on the line were also automated in order for this plan to be viable some inhabitants of the times near the stations on this line were appointed station chiefs at kishi station one mr koyama was appointed station master.

2.haw tama became the boss:

mr koyama went every day to the train station where he met tama a stray cat all the people who passed through that station knew tamil with many feeding and pampering her at first the railway company did not accept her presence at the station but it was mr koyama who took it upon himself to ask the company to let her live there and make her a manager for this reasontama was appointed as the station master so that she could live there and be welcomed by all the passengers once her new role began they gave her a station chief's hat and a salary in the form of cat food.

3.tama's fame:

tama's story began to be known around the world and every day she received visits from people who wanted to meet her and take pictures with her in fact timeless fame revived the railway line which increased the number of passengers since her appointment to stationmaster thanks to the publicity this story generated millions of yen were contributed to the local economy additionally tama was promoted to superstation chief in an event attended by the mayor and the president of the railway company the governor of wakayama even knighted her as a wakayama tonight.

4.the end of  tama:

town sadly tama passed away in 2015 from heart failure but her rise to fame represented a rebirth in her hometown the kishi station opened a cafe and souvenir shop dedicated to tama also a train called tamaden was built designed with representative images of this nowfamous cat the station itself was even remodeled into the shape of a cat currently a cat named nitam is filling the station manager position as tama's successor.

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