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Friday, October 2, 2020

Why Does My DOG TURN in CIRCLES Before LYING Down?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

although domesticated dogs still retain some of the wild behaviors of their ancestors often causing intrigue in their human guardians turning in circles before they lie down is one of them and this article explains four reasons why they do this

1.for security and instinct:

dogs still exhibit some version of behaviors their prehistoric candid ancestors displayed even if the process of domestication has reduced them in the wild dogs will turn around before they instinctively lie down to monitor their environment for threats such as predators or parasites something domestic dogs still do to feel secure.

2.for protection:

in the wild walking in a circle also has the added effect of creating a small depression in the ground in doing so the dog can place their chest in this hollow space and better protect their vital organs if they were to be attacked while resting additionally this action allows them to determine where the wind is blowing in a warm climate the dog will sleep with the wind blowing towards their nose to keep cool in cold climates the dogs will keep their back to the wind to better preserve their heat.

3.to mark territory:

circling the place where they want to sleep also allows them to spread their scent and mark their territory this both warns others that the space has an owner and makes it easier for the dog to locate their resting place again discover in the article we share here the best places a dog should sleep.

4.for convenience:

similar to us dogs want to rest in the most comfortable position possible when they circle they are able to soften the surface in which they stand in order to make it more hospitable similar to us flipping a pillow no matter how comfortable is the bed you have bought them their instincts will make them want to ensure it is ideal for rest this is why you may also see them scratch when they lie down.

5.when to worry?

only if this behavior becomes obsessive should we be concerned as it may imply they are suffering from stress in this case we recommend going to the veterinarian to determine the root of the problem and begin the correct treatment.

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