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Thursday, November 5, 2020

The CAT That Became a MAYOR in ALASKA (Stubbs)


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

does the name stub sound familiar to you if not get ready to hear his story all about how he became the mayor of a small region in alaska as this article brings you all the details.

1.who was Stubbs:

Stubbs was a cat which was found with his siblings in an abandoned box in the town of talkeetna alaska at the time a local business owner named laurie steck decided to keep one of the adorable kittens she chose the only one which didn't have a tail a cat she named stubs talkeetna is a small town with only 800 inhabitants so most of the population knew about laurie's store called nagle's it's through this store most of the citizens of the town also got to know stubs.

1.local elections:

it turns out that the majority of residents at the time were  not happy with the representatives who'd been in charge of defending the interests of the local population tàalkeetna was listed as a historic district in not a time so did not have a person to adequately take care of their interests it was considered just another district within the matanuska-sasitna constituency the citizens of talkeetna felt abandoned for this reason they decided to hold an assembly to elect a mayor this event was held at the navy store and unanimously stubs the cat was elected honorary mayor although stubs could not be an official marriage the region was run by a higher administration and never had a mayor for the people of talkeetna it was a form of protest for them stubs was an ideal of what politicians always promise but then never deliver.

2.stubbs' fame:

the story went viral and subs attracted many tourists who visited to pet and take pictures with him hundreds of visitors stopped by talking each week to visit the curious honorary mayor in his office located in the store steph took advantage of the moment to sell souvenirs of all kinds and other businesses such as restaurants and hotels also managed to benefit economically from this situation the adorable cat continued his entire life as a mayor of talkeetna and was adored by the entire time he passed away on july 21 2017 after 20 years of pampering and fame.

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