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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Why Does My DOG HUMP ME? (Causes and What to Do)

Image by Lenka Novotná from Pixabay 

some dog behaviors can be curious but uncomfortable without doubt one of the artists is the habit of humping people animals or objects in this article we explain the main reasons why a dog is humping and what we can do about it.

1.stress or boredom:

dog that lives a 70 routine or lives in a negative environment can easily develop symptoms of boredom or stress if we don't provide the opportunity for walking and positive experiences where your dog expends energy they may hump to release accumulated tension discover other consequences of not taking a dog for a walk in the article that we share here for this reason we advise you to increase the frequency or duration of their walks and enrich their environment to provide positive and appropriate ways to entertain themselves.

2.excitement and anxiety:

these are another of the most common causes of a dog mounting other people a very excited dog or one suffering anxiety in a given situation may trying to ride the people closest to them as a way to manage their emotion as in the previous case this can indicate the dog is suffering an emotional conflict which also generates stress again the dog is looking for a way to release this tension anxiety or excitement when visitors enter the home they can feel very excited and use the behavior to attract attention also inappropriate punishments can generate anxiety in dogs which leads to humping behavior.

3.discovery and sexual self-stimulation:

dog sexuality continues to be taboo in our society it's still often thought that sex and animals only occurs for reproductive purposes which is an unhelpful perception dogs can also self-stimulate themselves sexually for both pleasure and relief it's a pure and spontaneous expression of the sexual behavior of their species something they do when they discover their body during sexual maturity if a dog humps another dog or even their guardian's leg they may be seeking sexual relief they may be growing up and wanting to explore sexual impulses an essential part of healthy physical and emotional development.

4.sign of disease:

in some cases the humping behavior may appear suddenly and can be repeated excessively the dog may want to mine practically any object animal or person in their environment hormonal problems and autoimmune diseases create conditions often associated with this behavior the dog may also be repeating this exaggerated behavior as a way to relieve pain caused by urinary tract infections or bone disorders such as hip dysplasia it's essential to take the dog to a veterinarian if this behavior suggests it is a symptom of disease.

5.socialization problem:

a dog may also want to hump their guardian or other animals as a result of personalization leading them to assimilate this behavior as an appropriate way to interact this problem can occur in animals with a history of physical or emotional abuse for this reason if you have recently adopted a dog it's important to consider the development of behavioral problems related to their past some dogs mistakenly assimilate humping behaviour as a game using it when they want to play with their tutor or other animals mountain can also appear during a very active play session or in situations that overstimulate them especially in puppies and younger dogs.


if your dog wants to hump you animals or objects in a compulsive way you may be witnessing a stereotyping this is a serious behavioral problem similar to ocd in humans can even lead to self-mutilation due to the incessant repetition of certain behaviors stereotypies usually appear when animal welfare is already compromised or when they have a history of abuse for this reason if you observe any strange behavior don't hesitate to seek the help of a canine ethologist.

7.what should you do if your dog helps you:

to know how to deal with this behavior you will need to identify its cause we advise you first to take them to the vet to rule out any health problems once possible pathological causes have been ruled out you'll need to pay attention to the routine you provide your dog especially those affecting physical activity and mental stimulation.

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